Municipal Tax Structure 2018

The following is published in accordance with the provisions of the Municipalities Act, and adopted by the Council in a meeting held December 4th, 2017.

Residential mil rate:                                                                    5.25 mil
Minimum property tax(unchanged):                                            $400.00
Water Service (unchanged):                                                       $198.00 per unit
Sewer Service (unchanged):                                                      $198.00 per unit

Commercial mil rate (unchanged)                                            9.25 mil
Minimum property tax (unchanged):                                           $400.00
Water Service (unchanged):                                                       $198.00 per unit
Sewer Service (unchanged):                                                      $198.00 per unit

Business taxes (unchanged) calculated according to the following;

Home Based/ No fixed place/ Seasonal:            0.5 mil             Min.           $250.00
Services/ Retail:                                                  12 mil              Min.           $750.00
Manufacturing:                                                    17 mil              Min.        $1,500.00
Professional/ Suppliers:                                      18 mil              Min.        $1,500.00
Heavy/ Industrial:                                                24 mil              Min.        $1,500.00
Other:                                                                  12 mil              Min.           $250.00
Utility Companies (unchanged)                           2.5% of Gross Revenue

Fees for Permits;

General Repairs/Fence:                          $20.00 (Twelve (12) months)
Residential Construction:                        $60.00
Shed/Garage Construction:                    $40.00
Extensions:                                             $40.00
Water & Sewer connection:                    $75.00 + any arrears 

Other Fees and Charges shall be applied accordingly;

Tax Information including Certificate:      $100.00
Photocopies:                                                 .20¢ per sheet
Fax:                                                          $   2.00

A five percent (5%) discount will be given on 2018 Property tax Only (not on the water & sewer fee) to residents who pay in full on or before March 30, 2018, this discount does not apply to payments made by credit cards.

As per the Municipalities Act, 1999 Taxes are due and payable on or before June 30, 2018.

2018 taxes not paid, or arrangement of payment made with the Town Clerk on or before June 30, will be charged  Interest  at the rate of  twelve percent (12%)  annum and the following actions will be taken;

  1. Water Shut Off (where applicable)
  2. Legal Action

Town Clerk
(for) the Town of South River

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