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The Town of South River is governed by a council of seven residents, who are elected for a four year term. The next general election will be in September, 2017. The current Council consists of the following members:

Mayor:  Scott Rose
Deputy Mayor:  Melissa Hierlihy
Councillors: David McLean, Beverley Wells, Darrell Percy, Joyce Petten, Arthur Petten

Town Clerk: Marjorie Dawson

Water/ Sewer & General Maintenance: Rodney Linthorne

Regular Council meetings are held the first Wednesday of the month at 7:30 p.m., unless stated otherwise

Group Photo – September 6th, 2017

council meeting Sept 6, 2017

Council members from left to right:

Councillor Joyce Petten, Councillor Arthur Petten, Mayor Scott Rose,

Councillor Dave McLean, Councillor Bev Wells, Deputy Mayor Melissa Hierlihy


On September 6th, 2017, three long servicing council members were honored with Certificates of Achievement for their hard work and dedication to the town.

Dave McLean
     David McLean  16 Years

Arthur Petten

     Arthur Petten  16 Years

Scott Rose

     Scott Rose  12 Years

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